I finally got a chance to smoke the Meerschaum pipe I got for my birthday.  I had never tried one yet but figured it was a good addition to my collection and I had heard they are excellent for testing new tobaccos since the meerschaum soaks up the tars and lets you taste the pure tobacco without adding anything (for better or worse).

Finding a meerschaum I liked was quite the task.  Most you’ll find have intricate dragons, or sexy ladies, or other things that make an already fruity looking pipe even more noticeable.  The one I got has some little designs but in the end is pretty plain as these things go (see it in my pipe collection in my profile).

Deciding what tobacco I should try in the pipe was the next challenge.  Do I go with something new, as this was for tasting?  I decided to go with something I knew already so I could see what the difference was, and also something I hadn’t smoked in a while.  That tobacco was Frog Morton on the Town.  This was one of the first non-aromatic tobacco’s I smoked (although the people on tobaccoreviews.com seem to thing it almost counts as aromatic) and the distinctive oriental blend seemed suiting for this pipe from Turkey.

I will say the smoke was excellent.  The pipe provided an extremely cool smoke and for the first time I felt like I could taste the intricate flavors of the tobacco I hear described online.  I could definitely get used to a pipe like this.

There is a problem though.  First, unless you treat meerschaum’s with the care of a bomb technician, they will get dark and ugly.  I’m fine with that and don’t plan on babying it.  The second problem is that nothing looks more like smoking weed then a meerschaum pipe, and it’s kind of “fancy” looking so I don’t think I’d ever smoke it in public.  The best compromise seems to be meerschaum lined pipes, which look normal on the outside but are coated on the inside.

In the end I think every pipe smoker should have one of these in their collection as a neutral tasting pipe.  There is still no replacing a high quality briar for what it adds to the smoke.

2 Responses to “Meerschaum”

  1. October 8, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    You don’t like the way that a colored meerschaum looks? Personally I, and many other like me, truly enjoy the look of a well-colored meer. Check out this beautiful 140 year-old specimen…

    Of course, if your pipe turns dirty BLACK as opposed to a beautiful honey or reddish brown color, you are probably smoking the pipe too hot. Just take your foot off the accelerator and smoke slower and you get not only a more comfortable smoke but a better looking meer in the long-run.

  2. 2 Phil
    October 8, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    I stand corrected, those are certainly nice looking! Thanks for the tips.

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