What a weekend

What a weekend it was. Wow. Friday afternoon I stopped by Continental to pick up some supplies with Luke in preparation for his first smoke. The shop had just put out a 40 year old Dr. Grabow Skater and I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll definitely have to post some pics in the near future. We headed directly over to Silky’s in Squirrel Hill at 5 on the dot. I ordered up a Rusty Nail, heavy on the Drambuie, and relaxed outside with a bag of Chartres from the smokeworks. A friend of Luke’s showed up, and we kicked back in the sun and enjoyed some sweet Chartres on the sidewalk patio.

Saturday was pretty much the best piping experience I’ve had thus far. I picked up Will at 9:30 and we headed to the Smokeworks to purchase his first pipe. He found an absolutely gorgeous dark stained Savinelli with the most fantastic grain. After Will picked out an English Oriental non-aromatic, and some Colombian Mocha, we were off to meet up with Luke at Leaf & Bean in the strip.

At this point the weather was just becoming perfect as we settled in at Leaf & Bean. The band was about to start, and we picked up sandwiches from some local eateries, and a 6 pack of IC light. I finally broke in my Stanwell Vario 186 with a bowl of VBC, and it very well may have been my best smoke yet ~ the pipe is simply perfect. It’s definitely my dedicated VBC pipe. Will broke in his brand new Savinelli with a bowl of English Oriental, and while he and Luke had some troubles keeping lit, it was still an enjoyable experience by all.

So.. here’s lookin forward to more weekends such as this, but I sadly have to say I’m getting a root canal tomorrow, so I’ll have to avoid smoking for at least 2 weeks… I guess I’ll have to enjoy something tonight… :)


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