Benton Dakota and Mocha Blend

You never forget your first.

The first real pipe I owned was the Benton Dakota, purchased new at the Continental Smoke Shop in Squirrel Hill. Along with the pipe I had earlier picked up a blend aptly called “Mocha”. I’ve seldom had this tobacco outside of the Benton and never smoked anything else in the Benton, and thus it’s natural they be reviewed together for me.

First about the tobacco. I actually first had Mocha in a corncob pipe. Even though the implement was crude, the delicious taste of the Mocha came through. It smokes pretty much like it smells, a chocolate taste with just a note of coffee. The taste is more smooth, cool and refreshing then sweet. It is not very syrupy, and so you rarely get any slurp.

The Benton Dakota is a classic bent apple style pipe with a dark wood grain. I’ve only ever seen Benton’s in the Continental Smoke Shop, and information on the Internet about them is scarce. The best I can tell a company in Florida imports the briar from Italy to sell a natural unfinished product. The look of the pipe is quite beautiful, although they claim it’s not finished with any kind of paint, I see slight cracks in mine that look like a crack in the clearcoat or something. They don’t affect the smoke in anyway luckily, which for the most part is satisfying. I think the air draw could be a little better, but overall it’s a quality pipe.

For this review, I paired the two in a location where I had one of my first cigars, in historic Ellicott City, Maryland. The atmosphere is perfect for an early spring pipe smoking. After having a few drinks with friends in one of the towns historic taverns, I headed to a bridge overlooking a creek that once powered the mills of this small town to wind down my evening. The Mocha lit easily, and provided a cool, delicious smoke as usual. I reflected on the fact that this was by no means the first pipe smoked in this serene location as a CSX train passed through the old train station in the night. As the whistle of the train faded in the distance, the Mocha and Benton combo stayed strong, giving minimal tongue bite and staying mostly cool and lit.


1 Response to “Benton Dakota and Mocha Blend”

  1. 1 Shawn
    April 20, 2009 at 9:37 am

    Quality review of a fantastic blend – I think I may have to have some this evening.

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