Cornell & Diehl Exhausted Rooster Review

Well, I gave the Exhausted Rooster another try last night, with much more preparation. I believe I properly rubbed out the flakes, packed the bowl less tightly, and was more careful with my relighting. I will say I did make it through the bowl with no tongue bite, vs. my two days of tongue pain after my last experience with this blend… so I had to have been doing something right. I also used a straight pipe which I’ve smoked a VA blend in before (and liked it – Vino’s blend from Continental).

I still had a problem keeping the stuff lit, but fared much better than my previous attempt in that area. The only hints of a taste I enjoyed were directly before the tobacco was going out and needed relit, and a citrus-like taste was found. The mouth feel was quite awful, a tingling sensation (very cigar-like), all the way back to my tonsils. I really didn’t enjoy the feeling. In the end, I really didn’t like this tobacco. It also left my game room smelling awful.

I’m marking this as my official review, although there’s a chance I’ll give this stuff one more try as a full flake being folded and inserted… or perhaps I’ll let another one of you guys try that. Feel free to take as much of this stuff from me as you want, for I feel I’m not a VA/fired burley/perique kinda guy… I’d love to know which taste it is that I’m not enjoying though, so I know for the future. Maybe it’s the perique?


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